Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to fly. 15 years ago I sat at the controls of a Cessna for the first time and sealed my love for flying and for aerial photography. I have since traveled the country photographing everything from the bridges of NYC to the salt ponds of San Francisco Bay.

  • Architecture & Landscape
  • Real Estate & Development
  • Construction Sites & Infrastructure
  • Fine Art & Video


Landscape &

I grew up on a farm in the North-West US, where I fell in love with hiking and camping and enjoying the great outdoors. A trip to the South Pacific was the spark that ignited my passion for photography (and travel). As I traveled and gained experience, my work has diversified to include urban landscapes, architecture, land development, and more.

  • Architecture
  • Landscape & Cityscape
  • Real Estate & Development
  • Fine Art & Video


All Things Water

Since I love the outdoors, and 70% of it is covered by water, it is no surprise that my photography has followed my activities - including diving and sailing. I also got involved with the National Aquarium where I helped cover and document educational and sustainability programs.

  • Sailing & Watersports
  • Aquariums & Sea Life
  • Underwater & Seascapes


Portrait, Wedding &
Event Photography

I fell in love with photography while living overseas. And for all the stunning scenery, it was the people and culture that truly inspired me. Then, a chance encounter with a local theatre over 10 years ago opened the door to the technical and creative aspects of photographing people, events and performance art.

  • Headshots, Portraits & Advertising
  • Weddings & Engagements
  • Theatre, Music & Arts
  • Sports & Events
  • Photojournalism


About Ken Stanek

I am a commercial and fine arts photographer with a diverse background that covers everything from aerial vistas to the theatrical stage.  It is this diversity, combined with an eagerness to try anything that makes my photography unique.

The view from two miles high inspires my work on the ground. The artistry and lighting of the stage influence my technical work. And following the quirky, unpredictable nature of children sharpens my timing for capturing other decisive moments like weddings and sporting events.

It is a fusion of vision, style and technique that translates into stunningly unique and unexpected images.


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